CMx is a Secure, cloud-based or on-premise software that is easy to setup, offers a quick time-to-value, and has the full support of the Sysintellects Implementations Team.

Sysintellects implementations include a wide range of services. Our implementation team's number-one goal is to provide our clients with a solution specifically tailored to their environments and needs. Our "Train-the-Trainer" program is designed for your company's project team, including the business and IT professionals responsible for deploying our solutions. This approach ensures that you have the internal expertise necessary for the ongoing support of your users.

A typical implementation includes the following steps:

  • Configuring the initial software setup either in Cloud or On-Premise
  • Carry out Migrations if an and testing imported data
  • Setting configuration options with the system administrator
  • Configuring templates
  • Testing the configured system (i.e., do the settings and templates reflect the client's desired configuration?)
  • Verifying data integrity and comparing against check list
  • Configuring alerts
  • Training

Implementation time is very dependent on the size of a company, number of users, number of locations, and how organized the client is during the process. Sysintellects has clearly documented steps to help clients streamline their implementations, ensuring they are as fast and simple as possible.