Marketing Affiliate Partners

Sysintellects Marketing Affiliate Partners introduce Sysintellects to prospective customers and in return receive a referral fee.

Many Affiliate Partners also come to be recognized as Sysintellects experts and have the opportunity to generate additional revenue by providing services around their customers' Sysintellects investment.

Our Marketing Affiliate Program is complementary to our direct sales organization, with Sysintellects assuming the cost of selling and closing companies you refer — and passing the implementation opportunity to you. Our Affiliates conduct marketing initiatives, Co-sponsor and brand events and webinars, and facilitate formal introductions for Sysintellects. Qualified leads that come to fruition translate to referral margin.

Our referral partners can realize the following types of program benefits:

  • Association with the specialized provider of on-demand or on-premise Contract Management and Automation software
  • Competitive, performance based referral margin
  • The ability to "bundle" your specialized services around your client's Sysintellects solution
  • Access to extensive information on Sysintellects features, benefits, and new product releases
  • Access to co-branded marketing materials, whitepapers, and webinars

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