WhiteGlove Expert Help and Support

Sysintellects's WhiteGlove experts offer clients a deep level of contract management and application expertise – at no extra charge!

When implementing Sysintellects products and configuring them, companies typically have a narrow project focus. They want success with some or most of their business units. While this results in smooth, successful projects, the demands on the procurement andlegal teams often preclude adopting the full range of functionality offered in the application. Further, as the Sysintellects product evolves and more capabilities are added, a client may not be aware of new functions that could add significant value.

For this reason, Sysintellects offers WhiteGlove, a complimentary service for our clients. Sysintellects's WhiteGlove experts deliver a deep level of accounting and application expertise to help clients evaluate how they are using the application, where they are underutilizing the application and potential configuration changes to facilitate better usage. Typical scenarios include configuring new templates configuring and using authoring plugin, demonstration and extensibility of all modules, and discussion of the applicability of new enhancements.

Your Account Manager

Your account manager serves as a client advocate, providing you with a consistent level of professional support. They are dedicated to building and maintaining strong, lasting relationships with each and every client, and set and communicate expectations both internally and externally to ensure everyone is on the same page. This special team was specifically developed to ensure successful partnerships with our clients, so that we deliver the highest quality of service every day.

Your Customer Success Technical Manager

Your customer success technical manager works closely with you once your implementation is complete to ensure you are maximizing all of the features and functionality Sysintellects products has to offer. These valuable resources can also help you streamline your internal processes.